Sailboat Racing For Boats 12' to 20' On Little Pleasant Bay

A Little On The Water Competition Never Hurt Anyone

Let The 2020 Sailboat Racing Season Begin!

NSA holds sailboat races during July & August. The season starts with a mandatory Skipper’s Meeting in late June, then an on-water practice set of starts for all boats, followed by a Summer series up to twelve (12) races over nine (9) days. Races are held using twelve (12) predetermined courses on Little Pleasant Bay. We race on Sundays (with occasional Saturdays depending on that weekend's forecast) within (a maximum of) two (2) hours before or after high tide. Starts are between 10:00 AM (earliest) and 3:00 PM (latest). Races average 1 hour each.

Racing is open to all Family and Associate Members of Namequoit Sailing Association who register as Racing Participants. All boats must be pre-registered to participate. Boats are also required to carry a minimum of safety equipment and VHF radios (See Racing Instructions for details).

The Race Instructions along with race courses and the race schedule are posted below as downloadable PDF files.

Most boats are eligible to race with our handicap system. Boats that participate must be single hull and between 12 and 20 feet. We have two fleets comprised of boats 14 feet and under and 15 to 20 feet. Combined fleet starts have average between 16-18 boats per weekend for the last three years. The majority of boats include Baybirds, 14' (Arey’s Pond, Classic Cats, Fisher Cats and Handy Cats) 15' Marshall (Sandpiper), 16’ Arey’s (Linx-Open Cockpit & Cuddy), 17’ Melges, 18' Marshall (Sanderling) . Other boats that participate are Beetles (plus Kittens and Rainbow Cats), 420's,  Flying Scots, Daysailors, Lasers, Widgeons, Sunfish, and other APBY catboats (e.g. Caracal).  All are welcome.

For more information please contact John Laurino, Vice Commodore, at